Our Idea


Say hello to Third Eye, a strategic marketing, communications, and brand evolution agency innovating across the worlds of art, architecture, design, fashion, hospitality, and lifestyle. Our intuition flows from a rich network of experience across these industries, allowing us to effectively see the opportunities and synergies they share.

We believe traditional PR has limits and that culture is consumed at a cross-section, not in silos. The best way to communicate and connect with audiences is changing, and our insight into this dynamic landscape of contemporary culture means we can expand our clients’ influence by going beyond classic media and marketing strategies. We work together to forge partnerships across cultural disciplines and develop curatorial projects as part of multidisciplinary campaigns that resonate locally and globally.

When you hire us, you are not hiring a firm, but beginning a real connection built on dialogue. Each relationship starts with direct engagement with the founding partners, two long time friends and colleagues with distinct areas of expertise. Collaboration and congeniality are at the core of our company culture and central to our creative process. This means we think holistically and always keep our partners’ objectives in our line of sight.